Archelus Render
General Information
Body Type Reptilian
Height 69 meters
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Unknown
Behavior Hostile
Species Origin mutated alongside Erginus by Ravagers
Racial Abilities burning fire rocks
Behind the Scenes
Universe Earth Defense Force 5

Archelus, also known in its Romanized name Archeluth, is a large, tortoise-like Kaiku deployed alongside Erginus by the Ravagers onto Earth as a means of invading earth and stopping humanity. While initially thought to be only one being, numerous others had been found shortly after the first encounter in 2022.

Description Edit

Similar to Erginus (and Solas) and their resemblance to Godzilla, Archelus bears a striking resemblance to the Kaiju Anguirus. Although it is shorter compared to Erginus, it is tougher and harder to kill due to its natural body armor. Its whole body is covered in sharpened, rocky protrusions, along with three sets of horns behind its reptilian head. Its front and back claws are massive, similar to bear claws and used in a similar manor.

Archelus, while powerful in physical strength, is also capable of numerous abilities, which include able to roll like a boulder at its opponents, and the ability to release fire-covered stones and boulders from its back as explosive projectiles.

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