Alien Species

The Archanans are a sapient pentadimensional species known to possess the ability to visualize each of the infinite set of future outcomes for every event, dependent on any number of variables. The species is functionally extinct due to the Boglodites consuming the entire planet Arc, leaving Griffin the last surviving member of the race.


Archanans are pentadimensional beings, and are thus likely radically different from other species in terms of physiology. Physically, they are humanoids, with Human-like faces and bodies. However, their heads, aside from their faces, are vastly different from Humans. While their overall shape appears at least somewhat similar, their heads are mostly hollow, with only two bridges of rigid flesh connecting the base of their heads to their faces, and the sides of their heads for their ears function as more "coverings." They are able to hold energy within their cranial cavity, and remove it by moving it through their bodies and out through their hand. It is unknown where their brain is, but with their pentadimensional physiology, it is possible that they do not require an organ for a centralized nervous system. Most notably, they can see possible and alternate timelines, and can touch others to allow them to see the same things, but only while they make contact. They are omnivorous, and can get gastric distress from eating pastrami sandwiches.

Culture and society[]

Almost nothing is known of Archanan society. Griffin claims that constantly seeing multiple realities was a pain, and it is unknown if this sentiment is reflective of the entire species.


Archanans were known to have incredibly advanced technology, most notably the Arc Net, a palm-sized device that is capable of expanding into a planetary defense shield, strong enough to stop a Boglodite armada. The Arc Net can only activate and expand when brought outside the atmosphere of a planet.