The Arcaders are a group, dedicated to the defense of Earth. Though most of the members are human, a couple however are defectors such as Q*bert and Lady Lisa. They are the hero faction of the 2015 film Pixels.

Pixels (2015)Edit


  • Sam Brenner: The leader of the Arcaders, Sam has played arcade games since he was 13 and has the ability to spot and memorize patterns in every video game he's played.
  • Will Cooper: President of the United States and Sam's childhood friend. Will decided to head into combat while Washington D.C. was under attack.
  • Ludlow Lamonsoff: Nicknamed "The Wonder Kid", Ludlow is the brains and conspiracy theorist of the team. He's also husband of Lady Lisa.
  • Violet Van Patten: Divorced single mother of the team, Violet is also the inventor of the Arcaders' arsenal and equipment. She is currently in a relationship with Sam Brenner.
  • Eddie Plant: Former champion of Donkey Kong, Plant is also a criminal, convicted of fraud. He also is known to have cheated in his arcade battle with Brenner in 1982.
  • Q*bert: The orange, armless, funnel mouthed defector of the Arcaders, Q*bert is known to be on the side of the humans and is capable of regeneration.
  • Lady Lisa: Character from the game Dojo Quest, Lady Lisa was the childhood crush of Ludlow Lamonsoff and eventually marries him.