Arburian Pelarota
Arburian Pelarotas
General Information
Homeworld Arburia
Weight 75.6kg
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Possibly Extinct (original canon)
Alive (reboot)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Arburian Pelarotas are a generally peaceful race of pillbug-like aliens from the planet Arburia.

Appearance Edit

Typically slow, clumsy, and awkward, the Pelarota's soft flesh is covered by several exo-plates that fit together to form a nearly invulnerable shell. There are two or three large plates on the back, two round or hexagon-shaped plates on the shoulders, one on each forearm, and one on each hip. The plates are outlined in black. There is also a black strip that connects the shoulder plates to the forearm plates. Their mouth is wide and consists of blacks lips and either human-like or piranha-like teeth. They also have four claw-like digits on their hands and three on each foot. When at play or when confronted by aggression, the Pelarota can roll up into a giant armadillo-like ball and with their tremendous mass ricochet at incredibly high speeds.

Female Arburian Pelarotas are similar to males, but have a slimmer torso and pelvis, smaller exo-plates on their bodies, feminine lips and feminine eyes.



  • The word "Arburian Pelarota" is based on two words: Pelota, which is Spanish for "Ball", and Rota, a play on the word "rotation".
  • In the Main Ben 10 Timeline, the Arburian Pelarotas are believed to be extinct after The Great One destroyed their homeworld. However, the planet is left intact in the reboot.
    • This species is often confused for the similar Vulpinic Tortugan, which is actually a breed of the Arburian Pelarota that evolved when the species relocated to Vulpin.
  • An Arburian Pelarota's spin attacks are based off the Godzilla Monster, Anguirus.
  • The sphere form is also similar to Samus Aran's Morph Ball ability from the Metroid games.
  • Arburian Pelarotas can evolve into Evolved Arburian Pelarotas.
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