Alien Species
Universe WarCraft
Homeworld Draenor
Average Height 6–8 feet
Diet Unspecified
Language Ravenspeech
Sapience Level Sapient
Subspecies None known

The Arakkoa are an ancient species of avianoid sapients indigenous to the planet Draenor whom survived its transformation into Outland. They have brightly feathered bodies in a veritable rainbow of colors, hooked beaks, clawed hands, taloned feet and an erectile crest of feathers on their head. All known Arakkoa wear ragged cloaks wrapped around their bodies, and their species seems to utilize sages and warriors as their main occupations. They have a great power over the arcane, and are considered as "smart as any Gnome you ever met" according to Gremni Longbeard in the Hellfire Peninsula. While most are aggressive to both the Alliance and the Horde, a few far more friendly Arakkoa have been discovered. As a whole, they breed a species of strigoid known as a Kaliri for their valuable plumage. They will also raise several types of Raven and Owls as well.

Background History[]

The Arakkoa are such an ancient race that there is evidence of their now-disbanded Apexis sects having existed before known life on Draenor, which may indicate that they actually hail from elsewhere, from some other world. The Arakkoa speak of a hero known as Terokk, only known to non-Arakkoa through Arakkoan exiles. Terokk is stated to have built the city of Skettis with his own claws and was set to rule as one of its most powerful kings for centuries before he suddenly disappeared without a trace, with only three relics left behind in his absence: his spear, his mask and his writings. During his reign, members of the lowest caste of the Arakkoa people were sacrificed by Terokk's talonpriests to the dark powers which they worshiped. Even today, his minions work in his name to commit evils throughout the area named after him, the Terokkar Forest.

At Veil Shienor and Veil Reskk, the Eyes of Skettis allow Terokk to spy upon those locations. At Veil Skith, the Arakkoa use the Darkstone of Terokk as an alter of worship. At Veil Rhaze, the spirits of Arakkoa long perished from the Auchindoun explosion are raised, presumably by Terokk. At Veil Lithic, Terokk's minions corrupt the avianoids into his service. At Veil Shalas, the closest colony to their head city of Skettis, the Arakkoa sages conduct their wars against the Light. When Terokk disappeared, the talonpriests began actively seeking to return him to their world.

The Arakkoa followed a nomadic existence on Draenor for thousands of years, although they suffered terribly during the Horde's first wars across the planet. The resulting grudge against the Orcs encouraged one Arakkoa, known as Grizzik to serve as a tracker and guide for Danath Trollbane's forces from the planet Azeroth during their expeditionary crusade to bring the fight to the Orcs. This Arakkoa, seemingly alone, led Trollbane's soldiers to Auchindoun and aided them in the battle.

During recent years, some Arakkoa have broken away from the city of Skettis, some to free themselves from Terokk's evil while others are simply deluded by power. The Skettis Exiles, taken in by the Naaru A'dal, now reside within the Lower City of Shattrath, where they choose to do battle with Terokk's still-loyal forces. Another offshoot group are the Sethekk, although they broke away for an entirely different reason. When Auchindoun exploded, an Arakkoa by the name of Ikiss come to believe that he was in fact the second coming of Terokk himself, and with a group of believers he set out for Auchindoun - where they set up what would become known as the Sethekk Halls. Believing himself to be Terokk reborn, he and his followers believe that they are the true followers of their mysterious master and therefore the true leaders of the Arakkoa.

However, deep inside of Skettis, the Skettis-loyal Arakkoa continue to wage their wars against all who oppose them. The Sha'tari Skyguard, a group of Sha'tari flyers, have set up a base at Blackwind Landing, just outside of the Blackwind Valley where Skettis is located. On an island in the middle of Blackwind Lake, Terokk is said to await the proper alignment of stars to herald his return...


Most Arakkoa worship a god named Rukhmar, and by relation Terokk. However, the Setekk worship Talon King Ikiss in the stead of Rukhmar. Another deviation from this is those amongst the Skettis Exiles, who have learned to worship the Light.


  • The Arakkoa are inspired by the Skeksis. There is even a "Darkstone" in Veil Skith, a reference to the Dark Crystal. The Aarakocra in Dungeons & Dragons were likely also an influence on Blizzard's designers. There is also the possibility that the name is inspired by the Aracuan from the Disney movie The Three Caballeros. Though not proven, the Arakkoa may also be inspired by the bird-like Chozo, as well; this theory can be backed by the extinct Apexis civilization and the relics they left behind.