The Beady Long Legs opening its main body.

Arachnorbs are a very large, arachnid-like family group that had been documented numerous times throughout PNF-404. These strange, long-legged creatures are often mistaken for spiders but are actually a type of insect.

The name Arachnorb is a mixture of "Arachnid" and "orb". They are also distantly related to the Dweevil family group, one of the members looking closer to a Dweevil than an Arachnorb.

Description Edit

Members of the Arachnorb family all have a similar kind of anatomy, and their behavior are relatively the same with their own special quirks depending on the species. All Arachnorbs have four long legs connecting to the main body from the top, the rest of their body hanging downward. Many Arachnorbs also stomp onto attackers with their rounded feet as a main line of defense.

Species Edit

Mostly discovered by Captain Olimar, a total of five separate species of Arachnorbs had been promptly identified:

Captain Olimar Edit

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