Arachnode P3 side view
General Information
Other Names Ball Spider
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat woodlands
Body Type Arachnid
Locomotion Octopedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Racial Abilities Web-spinning
Status Locally Common
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Arachnode is a spider-like creature that was discovered by Captain Charlie on PNF-404 during his expedition on said planet. Compared to other arachnid-like creatures, the Arachnode is the most spider-like, including its ability to spin elaborate webs.


The exact classification of the Arachnode has stumped numerous scientists as it holds characteristics that match numerous other similar creatures: its round body and placement of its legs mirror that of the Arachnorb family, with its size more closer to members of the Dweevil family, and its ability to create webs mirroring that to the Shooting Spiner. It's difficult to say if it belongs in any of these groups, or in a group all of its own that simply adapted similar traits.

Arachnode dormant P3

A patiently waiting Arachnode.

Arachnodes themselves are about the size of a standard Koppaite at the base, only wider thanks to their legs. They have eight legs in total like spiders, with a rounded body. They also have numerous patterns of circles, rings, and stripes of yellow along their black body. When not hunting prey, it appears more like a yellow and black egg, with its legs invisible and retracted into the body as it waits for prey to come near.



The full look of an Arachnode's web.

Similar to Spiners, Arachnodes are capable of creating webbing for use, though they use them as elaborate webs in order to capture flying prey. Small animals such as Flying Pikmin, Shearwigs or Sparrowheads are especially vulnerable to such webs, easily getting caught within them in their flight paths.

Once it senses prey within its web, it will move in towards its prey and then consume them, waiting for its prey to tire out first for an easy meal.

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