The Aquarts are a reptilian race from the realm of Arbo in the Outer Dimension.

Biology Edit


The Aquarts resemble orange scaled, reptilians. Originally adapted for a lush jungle world of Arbo, after Gorm laid waste to Arbo turning it into a desert, the Aquarts retreated underground. To survive they hunted whatever lifeforms for moisture. Their hands possess suckers that can drain water from other lifeforms.

History Edit

The Aquarts were one of Gorm's victims after he conquered Arbo. Their leader Caliphonic swore fealty to Gorm in exchange for the survival of his people. The Aquarts acts as slave catchers and in return Gorm provided them with mositure.

Culture Edit

The Aquarts are a tribal species.

Source Edit

  • Galidor - Defenders of the Outer Dimension: "Euripides, Please"
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