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Aqua Reaper
Aqua Reaper
Universe Metroid Universe
Homeworld Tallon IV
Diet Carnivorous (Presumed)
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Aqua Reapers are a species of aquatic, predatory organisms considered to be a variant of the similarly-adapted Reaper Vines. More likely due to filling the same niche than to any other reason, they share the habit of swinging themselves wildly about whenever anything comes near them. They are much larger than their terrestrial counterparts, however, presumably due to the freedom of size in aquatic environments as opposed to terrestrial ones. Unlike the Reaper Vines, however, they lack the distinctive eye, and are vulnerable to conventional weaponry along their entire length and can in fact be destroyed by charged plasma beam technology.

They can be found in a submerged area of the Phendrana Drifts and in the crashed Frigate Orpheon on the Tallon Overworld and an area near it.

It should be noted that what is known to exist of the Aqua Reapers is not the entirety of their body; in a similar fashion to the Tentacles of Xen, they are believed to be part of a larger submerged organism. Because of this, they can also move along the length of cracks in the ground, and thus adventurers of all types should keep this in mind should they be forced to encounter one.


  • Metroid Prime (First appearance)
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