Alien Species

Apokorats are a species of rodent-like creatures, presumably native to Apokolips that infest the earth since the invasion from Apokalips forces. They are violent and seem to have no issue with attacking humans.

Powers & Abilities[]

Unnatural Size: Unlike typical terran Rodentia, Apokorats very in length, width, height and mass, being about par of a typical earthborn specimen of vermin at minimum. To growing about as large as a minivan at its maximum height.

Enhanced Violence: Rodents from Apokalips are notorious for their ferocity and viciousness. The less imposing examples of the species being prone to attacking and eviscerating full grown adults in swarms.

Mount Taming: At they're full stature, these rats can domesticated to a certain degree, many of the soldiers in Darkeid's army took to riding them into battle in the name of their lord.