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The Aparoids were a species of now extinct insectoid biomechanical creatures. The Aparoids were capable of infecting other life forms and machines and transforming them into more Aparoids—this infection was known as "Aparoidedation". Large Aparoids contained a core memory that contained instructions as well as information on contacting the Aparoid Homeworld, located in the farthest reaches of the Lylat System.

The Aparoids were led by the Aparoid Queen, who resided on their home planet. The Queen believed that all things in the universe exist for the Aparoids to infect and that becoming an Aparoid was not infection, but rather a form of evolution. Beltino Toad created a program that took advantage of the fact that Aparoids cells are created using apoptosis which is a chemical used in self-destruct programs. Fox McCloud would eventually come to use this program to destroy the Aparoid Queen. As all Aparoids were networked together in a hive mind, once Fox executed the self-destruct program in the Aparoid Queen all of the Aparoids and their home planet were forever annihilated.


The Aparoids are mainly inect-like cybernetic creatures that immensely have varying numbers of enemy infantry, artillery, and leading force commanders, all of which are connected together by a hive mind ruled by the Aparoid Queen.


  • Star Fox: Assault (2005)


  • The Aparoids seem to draw heavy inspiration from Star Trek's Borg, which assimilate other life forms. The appearance of the Aparoid Queen who serves as the leader also reinforces this.