The Anzati are a race of humanoids which closely resemble mainline human stock, at least externally. To many beings in the galaxy, the Anzati are more myth than reality. Although outwardly similar to humans, internally their composition differs greatly from that of pure human stock. Many would claim that the primary difference is that the Anzati have no pulse to speak of, while others would point to the fact that the Anzati have proboscii hidden inside their cheeks that can be extended out from their nostrils. These proboscii are used to consume the brain of the Anzati's victim. The Anzati place their face nose-to-nose with its victim, and the proboscii are then extended into the victim's nostrils and then into the brain, where they consume the brain and all its life energies. The Anzati refer to the brain and its energies as "soup", a reference to the Sea of Memory that is believed to surround the planet Anzat.

In addition to a lack of a pulse, which points to the strangeness of their circulatory system - if one exists at all - the Anzat body has no real biological rhythm; they simply exist. When they require rest, they drop into a deep coma-like state. Certain feral species of Anzati also have the ability to exude long, rope-like tendrils that can be used to wrap up a victim and immobilize them for later feeding. It isn't known how long a member of the Anzati race can live, but it is believed that the average lifespan can be measured in millennia. This long lifespan leads to the Anzati belief that most other races exist in the galaxy as livestock to be harvested. It also leads to increasingly unstable and obsessive behavior as an Anzat ages. Young Anzati are not given names by their parents, but are instead allowed to choose a name that allows the youth to blend in with their chosen food source. These young Anzati set off on their own after about 100 years, when they reach puberty and are allowed to hunt on their own.

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