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The Anx were a race of tall reptiloids distinguished by their unusual skull structure. They were native to the Outer Rim planet Gravlex Med. A tall bony ridge extended nearly a meter in length from the back of their head, and their lower jaw also jutted outward with a bony ridge. Anx were exceptionally tall and lanky, standing about four meters in height, with a muscular tail that helped them keep their balance. This physiology pointed their ancestry, as the Anx were descended from herbivores that fed from the chiliox trees. Modern Anx continued to exist as vegetarian ruminants, as each individual processed their chewed cud in no fewer than three separate stomachs.

The skin of an Anx was capable of changing color, and the areas around the crest were especially adaptable. The color changes expressed by an Anx's emotions were basic enough that other races and species could understand them, a fact that meant many Anx were poor sabacc players and negotiators. Many politicians took to wearing crest cloaks in order to hide their true emotions.

As a species, the Anx were known to be courteous, serene beings who rallied around whatever group they were a part of. Many millennia before the Clone Wars, the Anx discovered interstellar flight, and colonized many of the star systems in their sector. They left behind many small colonies of Anx, some of which eventually died out or were abandoned. One of these settlements, on the planet Shusugaunt, was discovered by xenobiologists of the Old Republic, who believed that the skeletons they found were of an aquatic race of creatures. Further investigation eventually led the Old Republic to discover the Anx on Anx Major.

During the era of the New Order, Anx Major was used as a dumping ground for much of the Empire's toxic waste, and the planet was reduced to a devastated wasteland. The native population of Anx was decimated, and the few survivors fled to the colony worlds established by the Anx millennia before.

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