Universe Brain Powerd Universe
Homeworld Earth (born from Organic Plate released from Orphan)
Diet None
Sentient Sapient

The Antibody, also known as Organic Machine are species of large humanoid life form that appear on Earth as Orphan, a gigantic alien with size of starship emerges from its deep slumber, about to leave Earth. The Antibodies born (the process known as Revival) from objects known as Organic Plate. Antibodies are armed since their birth with weapons (Sword Extension or Brain Bar) that function like a sword and energy rifle, and are also capable of using various weapons hand-held manufactured by humanity such as missile launchers. They can create a "Chakra Shield" force field to protect themselves as well. Antibodies live off their self-generated Organic Energy and require no diet. Antibodies are capable to self-regeneration, although the ability is limited to minor scar/damage; a missing limb must be replaced by artificial body part. The Antibodies also born with an internal "cockpit", allowing other sapient species such as Humans to control them.

There are two major sub-races among Antibodies, Grancher and Brain Powered. Aside from their appearance, Grancher have more "stoic" personality. Most humans can aboard inside Grancher and command it like combat vehicle, although it may not respond to more emotional person. Brain Powerd, on the other hand, display more personality and won't allow one it dislikes to control it. Brain Powerd will seek specific Humans as its partner and usually stick with single partner through its life. Most Grancher are used by Reclaimer, group of human whose want to leave Earth along with Orphan. While Brain Powerd are used by Novice Noah, an opposing force that try to prevent Orphan's departure, as it will siphon lifeforce from Earth, leaving it as dead planet.

Rarer types of Antibodies are:

  • Brain Children; these are pair of smaller Brain Powered that revive as "twins" from a single Organic Plate.
  • An evolution of Brain Powerd, known as Nelly's Brain; after its first partner Kim Nelly, it said to be more powerful yet is in an incomplete state. Nelly's Brain eventually goes through Revival a second time by fusing itself with Isami Yuu's Brain Powerd.
  • Finally, the Baronzu, an evolution of Grancher. Unlike other Antibodies, Baronzu do not use handheld weapons but has extendable fins on its shoulders which can be use as melee weapon or emit energy attack. If fed with massive Organic Energy, Baronzu can growth into a more gigantic form, but Human aboard it will eventually become withered as their lifeforce is drained away.
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