Alien Species

The Anti-Spirals are an eldritch cosmic race of mysterious humanoids who have made it their purpose to prevent the emergence of the Spiral Nemesis. Which is a theoretical universal apocalypse brought about by the overuse of Spiral Power. The Anti-Spirals theorized that once enough Spiral Power is generated, all of the universe's Spiral lifeforms would begin to evolve into galaxies. Due to the sudden imbalance of mass in the cosmos, these mega-galaxies would devour each other, resulting in a black hole that would consume all of reality.

Therefore the Anti-Spirals purged themselves of Spiral Power and put themselves in a state of suspended animation. Their collective consciousness then took form as the Anti-Spiral, whose sole mission is the purging of Spiral beings from the universe. The Anti-Spiral is omnipresent, omniscient, and nigh-omnipotent. Which is able to appear anywhere in space-time, replicate Spiral lifeform abilities, and produce combat mecha, including incomprehensibly godlike ones the size of galaxy or larger. The Anti-Spiral can create and destroy both universes and multiverses. In battle, they've torn holes through galaxies and across multiple dimensions. Anti-Spirals are able to alter probability and create matter out of nowhere that eclipses universes. They can also bring people back from the dead, and alter both their personalities and memories. Able to create a multiverse with 1000s of universes and move between dimensions.

Forces of the Anti-Spirals[]

  • Granzeboma: It's larger than galaxies, able to grab them with its shoulder arms and use them like galactic-sized shuriken. Fires energy bolts from its mouths, eyes, fingers, and the glowing white spots on its body. Great Anti-Sprial drill comes out of its hands and narrower tentacle-like drills project from its head and mouth. The drills and energy bolts destroy galaxies. Its ultimate attack is executed by grabbing two universes which it then combines with its own power and squeezes together into a ball. That is then thrown at the target, a wave attack with the power to create and destroy entire universes.
  • Super Granzeboma: Similar to the Granzeboma but the size of a universe, just like the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which serves as its good counterpart. Its arsenal is likewise similar, except at this level, its drills punch through universes and its energy attacks threaten the multiverse itself.
  • Ashtanga: The Anti-Spiral's battleships which are used to defend their territory and attack any Spiral races that defeated the Mugann. Shaped like enlarged thumbs and are surrounded by grayish Buddhha-like faces with jeweled foreheads and over a dozen black arms. They emit a moaning scream that catches their enemies off guard, fire a seemingly endless barrage of tooth-shaped missiles that alter probability, are able to hide within subspace, generate a probability negation field, and use their arms to grab and fling planets. Within the behemoths are fleets of Pada and Hastagry moon-sized ships, which are shaped like feet and hands, each with multiple faces.
  • Mugaan: Which are virtual weapons used by the Anti-Spirals against races that possess Spiral Power. When the Spiral-capable population on a world hits a critical point, an awakened Messenger summons the Mugann to exterminate the species. There are three known types of Mugann; the Soldier-class, the Jokyu-Mugann, and the Kyo Mugann. All of them are equipped with powerful lasers and energy shields which can deflect conventional weaponry. Due to their unstable molecular structure, when dealt a fatal blow, they turn into small bombs thereby devastate everything nearby, causing nearly as much damage as an attacking Mugann would.