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Homeworld: Antares

Government: Antaran Central Command

Leader: The Herald of Antares

Known Leaders: Xyphys, the Antaran Warrior

Personality: Militaristic, Paranoid, Control Freak, Supremacists, Xenophobic

The Antarans are one of the elder races in the Master of Orion Universe.

Only known from ancient myths and dark legends, and mentioned only in hushed whispers and unconfirmed rumors, a race of paranoiacs who have an instinctual talent of analyzing an opponent and finding their weaknesses, known throughout galactic history as the Destroyers. Archeological studies of ancient Ruins of the mythical Orionites has revealed the name of the Destroyers, the Antarans.

Antarans Edit

The Antarans are an Elder Race, they are far older and more technological advanced than any of other races in the galaxy. The Antarans are what you'd call 'control freaks'. They can't accept anything being outside their domination. That means races weaker than them are conquered or destroyed so they can never become a threat, and races powerful enough to threaten them are just outright destroyed.

Orions and Antarans Edit

(Excerpted from “Pre-Psilonic Galactic Civilizations” Vol. II, by Ectron Victor, retired Master Adjudicator, Psilon Central History Institute.)

As a story is told and retold over the course of generations, no matter the attention paid to detail and no matter the importance of the tale, the truth is gradually nibbled away by little mistakes and innocent exaggerations. Carried off on these well-intentioned, tiny feet, the facts deteriorate softly and painlessly into a condition generally referred to as “shrouded by time.”

The legends concerning the Orions and Antarans are shrouded by time. What is certain is that at one time both races coexisted in the galaxy. The scope of their power and technical advancement has surely been enhanced by hyperbole, but that they were far superior to anything now known is indisputable. Perhaps it was inevitable that two such behemoths meet in violence. The legends paint the Antarans as ruthless, xenophobic killers, but we all know that history is written by the victors. The Orion-Antaran war was a protracted holocaust of galactic proportions. While we can never know if they truly flung entire star systems across deep space as weapons (as the storytellers claim), our astrophysicists have uncovered evidence of directed energy bursts the power of which staggers the imagination. That both races had the ability to raze planets no one contests. The Orions eventually defeated the Antarans. Rather than exterminating the race, as the stories claim the Antarans would certainly have done, the Orions chose to imprison their enemies in a “pocket dimension”—a volume the size of a single star system, formed and carved somehow out of the fabric of space-time. Physicists to this day puzzle over the theory and the technique, but the result was obvious; the Antarans were banished one and all from this dimension.

At this point, even the storytellers admit that the legends become vague. Sometime after the war, the Orion race inexplicably disappeared. They left only two legacies for the galaxy’s future inhabitants. One was the tales of their power and legends of the Antaran war; the other is the Orion system itself. One planet circles this star, and it is reputed to be the original home world of the Orion race. Despite the incredible potential this abandoned world must hold, no one has yet plundered or colonized it. The reason for this is that the system is only uninhabited, not undefended. The Orions left a single Guardian to protect their home. Perhaps they intend to return some day.

Perhaps the Antarans intend to return, too.

Xyphys, the Antaran Warrior Edit

Xyphys is a ship leader that appeared in Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares, he is the pilot the Star Fortress, a gigantic and powerful space station that protects Antares, the Homeworld of Antarans and serves as the “Final Boss” in the game.

Antares (Planet/System) Edit

Just like the ancient myths and legends of the Orions and Antarans themselves, the mysterious homeworld of the cruel Antarans is shrouded by time. While many know where the coveted Orion System is, no knows where Antaran homeworld of Antares is located as it is lost to history. Any coordinates for Antares that are uncovered in both ancient Ruins of the mythical Orionites and Antarans all lead to a desolated corner of galaxy with lifeless planets scared by orbital bombardment and destroyed planets slowly crumbling into asteroid belts. Those that arrival at the coordinates they found nothing but empty space, no star, no planets, not even a rouge comet or cosmic dust.

Only those with highly sophisticated sensors are able to detected a strange anomaly, a unusual curvature in the space/time continuum, dent in space itself. As if a celestial object of great size and mass, like a planet or a star, is bending space with its gravity, but there no sign of anything physical being there as if it both invisible and intangible for those residing in normal space.

Are the ancient legends true? Did the Orion folded time/space itself, displacing entire solar system and imprisoned Antarans within an artificially created pocket universe? Are the Antarans still alive with their dimensional prison?

Many of the Greatest Galactic Historians, Xenoarchaeologists and other Scientific Minds in the Galaxy can argue, speculate and discuss this topic for several thousand years and they have done so most vigorously. Some want to open a portal into the pocket dimension to see what inside it, but many would agree that somethings are better left alone.

Especially if the dark legends about the Antarans are true.

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