The Ansionians were a humanoid race native to the planet Ansion. There were two main races of Ansionians native to the planet, differentiated mainly by physical stature. The dominant race stood just shorter than standard Human stock, while the other race - known as the Gwurran - was much smaller. Wiry and lean, Ansionians were distinguished by their bulging eyes and single nostril, as well as the stripe of fur which sprouted atop their heads and ran down their spine. This fur was a source of pride for individual Ansionians, and each individual had a unique coloration patterns to reveal their individuality. The skin of an Ansionian was yellow in color, and their mouths were filled with fine, sharp teeth. Each hand and foot ended with three digits, but all their fingers and toes were opposable. Their physiology differed greatly from that of a human, and it was known that the average Ansionian had more than one heart. Because of the convex, protruding formation of their eyes, Ansionians could not blink or squint. As a people, Ansionians used only a single name to identify each other. When an individual wanted to display pleasure or approval, an Ansionian would pop their knuckles in rapid succession.

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