Anointed People

The Anointed People are a race of reptilioids which had reached a feudal level of society by the era of the New Order. They are native to the planet Abonshee, which they call Masterhome, and have a feudal society which split their people into two classes: the Godlings, who are the rulers and priests of the planet; and the Unwashed, which make up the serfs and laborers. All of the Anointed People are ruled a supreme leader known as the Godking.

Despite their fearsome appearance and disparate societies, there have been very few wars in their history. After Imperial Lord Dixton tried to take control of the Godking, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Godking aligned the Anointed People with the Alliance. The Godlings assisted a group of Alliance agents in capturing Dixton and ensuring the Anointed People's freedom.

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