Alien Species

Animated Probes are a type of incredibly fast-moving cybernetic organisms designed as a sort of quick response unit to trespassers for the alien invaders of Corridor 7 on Mars. They utilize a propulsion system that allows them to hover in place and move very quickly. They utilize two rapid-cannons; however, these do not do much damage. Oddly, they do not seem to have a means of consuming anything to keep themselves sustained; this may indicate that they are fed psychically, are occasionally "refueled" with sustenance, or are never allowed to eat, thereby allowing them to expire over time to then be replaced.

It seems that Animated Probes are retrofitted with cybernetics, and are very likely normally Ailoprobes.


  • Animated Probes have the distinction of being the first (and only) enemies to be encountered in the first level of Corridor 7: Alien Invasion.
  • They also have the distinction of being found on all 40 levels of the game.