Alien Species

The Anglerfish is a giant, aquatic creature found within Dark Bramble.

They are made extinct when their sun goes supernova.


Fully aquatic, Anglerfish hold a resemblance to their Earth namesake. Much of the physical anatomy consists of its large mouth filled with dagger-like teeth, with a very long protrusion from their foreheads working as a lure to bring in prey. They are extremely huge, easily large enough to swallow a small spaceship whole. The anglerfish, although seeming to have eyes, are in fact fully blind, and hunt using sound.

They live inside Dark Brambles zero-gravity foggy interior, making them technically airborne. They lay eggs. Although they are usually territorial and stay away from each other, they can work together to guard their eggs.

To move through the fog they use the huge tentacles they posses at their back. The tentacles are in groups of 3. Their tentacles can propel them fast enough to catch up to spaceships. They swallow their prey whole. When they hear something, they swim toward the noise and growl, and when the attack, they open their mouth, let out a loud roar, and rapidly swim toward the prey.


  • Outer Wilds