Biography Information
True Identity Angelo
Alias Angelo
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Language English
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Mike and Angelo Universe
Created by Grant Cathro; Lee Pressman
Performed by Tyler Butterworth; Tim Whitnall




Angelo is an alien who featured in Mike and Angelo a British sci-fi TV sitcom series, that ran on CITV between 16 March 1989 and 7 March 2000. It centres on Angelo (played initially by Tyler Butterworth, and from series 2 onwards by Tim Whitnall, after the character 'regenerated', a concept first used in Doctor Who), an alien who came from another world during the first series; the portal from his world being that of a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. He lives with Mike King (played by Matt Wright), and Mike's mother Rita. Later series had Mike and Rita move away, with Rita's nephew Mike Mason (Michael Benz) staying on in the house with housekeeper Katy (Katy Murphy). Together, Mike and Angelo get up to all kinds of crazy adventures - all within the vicinity of the house that they live in. Angelo is always inventing something crazy, or walking on the ceiling (due to him being an alien), or summoning up historical figures from the past. They always wreak havoc together, much to Katy's annoyance, crying "ANGELO!!" in her Scottish accent constantly or Rita in her Canadian accent before her. Their neighbours are the posh Fawkes-Bentleys, in whose house some of the show's scenes are occasionally based. The 1999 series began with Angelo and Katy reading a postcard explaining that Mike was having a good time in America. In his place, Daphne Fawkes-Bentley's niece Michaela (portrayed by Gemma Gregory) became Angelo's sidekick. For the final series, Katy's nephew, also called Mike, joined. The final series was shown in 2000.

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