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Angel Hair are a kind of atmospheric lifeform existing on the gas giant Big Bob.[1][2]


The Angel Hair evolved into self-perpetuating structures (life) from organic molecules in the atmosphere of the gas giant known as "Big Bob" orbiting YTS 785634.09 in Puppis.

Long streamers of natural polymers several kilometers long form in the slow moving atmospheric belts in the atmosphere of Big Bob. Proteins, amino acids, fatty acid, wax and soap-like compounds accrete onto the hair via electrostatic attraction, and prion-like proteins have developed into a DNA analogue allowing self-perpetuation. There is little evidence of a nervous system.

The Angel Hair replicate by fragmentation, which is regulated by hormone-like proteins and occurs especially when it floats near the faster moving currents, allowing dispersal of the hair through Big Bob's upper atmosphere.


Big Bob.

A race of high gravity-adapted Humans uplifted the Angel Hair to sapience, in order to demonstrate the diversity of jovian type life forms to the rest of the skeptical galaxy.


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