Alien Species

Angels are the highest ranking strain of Chimera, appearing first in Resistance: Fall of Man. The strain assumes command roles over the other strains of the Chimeran virus, giving them a great deal of influence among the species as a whole. The extent of this connection is unclear.



The Angel strain was only recently discovered through observations by the British Army at the time of Fall of Man, and was believed to be the most advanced of the Chimeran strains that was operating within the United Kingdom. They are often encountered near Chimeran strongholds (such as the Chimeran Towers) though there have been some battlefield sightings. Many reports suggested that they served a purpose on the battlefield, but that purpose was unknown for some time. As commanding units, Angels usually don't participate in combat. It was later discovered (after the destruction of the hub tower in London) that the Angels maintain a telepathic hive mind over the normal Chimeran strains; without the Angels and thus removing their telepathic connections, normal Chimera could simply not survive.[1] They receive their name from their ability to fly, which is most likely caused by the exhaust that is vented out of the cooling apparatuses attached to their backs