The Androgums are a sapient humanoid race of voracious cannibalistic barbarians, apparently native to the region known as the Third Zone (twelve days from Earth at hyperspace travel).

Biology[edit | edit source]

Their appearance is practically human, but with grey moles scattered on their faces and distinct bushy orange eyebrows. They are physically strong and able to knockout a Human with ease. They are also known for consuming absurd quantities of food without ever being satisfied.

Culture and Society[edit | edit source]

Androgums are an extraordinarily merciless species, with a culture entirely devoted to the satisfaction of pleasure, particularly their insatiable appetite for exotic foods. They are not above eating sapient species, including their own kind, and in fact appear to make no distinction between intelligent people and beasts (frequently referring to individual humans as "animals" for example). Although they claim loyalty for their own species and grigs (a social unit seemingly equivalent to clan or family), their selfish ways make them hard to trust and they are generally regarded as primitive and barbaric.

The Doctor, upon hearing that his eminent friend Dastari has been experimenting with Androgums to genetically enhance their intellect and remove their vicious instincts; is shocked, and believes that to allow such a species the possibility to deal with advanced technology would be to bring chaos upon the universe. Yet, despite all of this, it is clear that the Androgums are somewhat integrated in the interstellar community within the Third Zone, even if they are only employed as menial laborers. They use a form of currency called narg which is considered acceptable payment in at least nine planets.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Doctor Who – Season 22 (Sixth Doctor), "The Two Doctors" (1985)
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