Being the only mechanical race in the known galaxy, you would think that the mechaniods would be lavished in attention from the scientific community but somehow they have remained a mystery or an enigma to many even to the ones that built them long ago.


The mechanoids or the Ancient Guardians they are now calling themselves live on one planet known only as Utopia. it seems that they have lived on this planet for several thousand years right after the great Shakturi war quietly watching the galaxy as the races they once revered as their makers became space nations once more. No one knows what the Guardians look like since when they are being hailed they only appear as disembodied heads that vaguely resemble female humanoids. The Mechanoids always keep to themselves and rarely engage in dialogue with other races even their neighbours. They are a highly advance and sophisticated race and are known for their honour. That being said, they are also known for their savage battle techniques should a dumb young empires draw the mechanoids their ire. Yet they often show mercy to those young ignorant races by only destroying their fleets and space stations not their planets.

As many know, the Shakturi war wasn't going so well for the many different races in galaxy for a time. The galaxy needed a united front against the Axis and that answer came in the form of the Freedom Alliance. After beating back the Shakturi to the home galaxy, the allies devised a plan in place to keep a look out for any Shakturi incursion while the races rebuild their civilisations. This plan was the Ancient Guardians, the race of overpowered mechanoids young empires see today. These guardians watched over the galaxy, the decrepit and abandoned planet destroyers and their creators during the age of Shadows. Once the inevitable return of the Shakturi is underway the Guardians will be instructed by their age old programming to reform the Freedom Alliance and add one other race to the fold.

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