The Amphituber is a family group native to PNF-404. Many of these were discovered on numerous trips to the planet in many expeditions, some of which were inspiration for the mechanical species found within the Pikmin Adventure attraction.

Biology Edit

All members of the Amphituber family group are amphibious and hold a resemblance to Earth frogs and toads. The family name is a portmanteau of "Amphibian" and "Tuber" due to their typically potato-like shape. Many of these members also don't have a mouth, breathing in oxygen through their skin similar to frogs as well.

Different members of the same species have only slight differences to one another, yet the mechanical species are drastically different compared to their organic counterparts. This is most likely to increase challenge during their display, as typical Amphitubers aren't actively aggressive for the most part.

Life Cycle Edit


The infantile stage of all Wollywogs.

Most, if not all Amphitubers have a similar sort of life cycle that's, once again, similar to Earth frogs and toads. They start their lives as 'Wogpoles - a fully aquatic, infantile stage of most Wollywogs. In this stage, they are harmless and strictly live underwater. Overtime, as they mature, they begin to grow a set of back legs to better move on land and gain their mature color patterns and traits, and as they turn to adults they gain a second pair of legs and lose their fish-like tail entirely.

Species Edit

As of current study, disclosing the two artificial species, there had been three known species discovered and identified, all of which documented by Captain Olimar,

Captain Olimar Edit

Mechanical species Edit

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