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Amorbis are sapient worm-like organisms native to Dark Aether. Likely related to Sandiggers, they populated Dark Agon, although some traversed through the portals between Light and Dark Aether to end up in the Agon Wastes. One such specimen was pinned to a rock within the Mining Plaza, where it became skeletalized and served as a warning to any travelers that would wander through the wastes. Whether the local Luminoth had anything to do with its placement here is not known.

An Amorbis will often burrow through the soil, likely in an attempt to take potential prey by surprise. They have a tough outer carapace, but it is weak to concussive blasts as well as concentrated light, due to its Dark Aetherian nature. When angered, an Amorbis will use its massive lungs to intake a vast quantity of air, while in the process pulling opponents into their awaiting maw. However, the gargantuan worms must be careful upon what they attempt to suck up, as concussive blasts to the insides will cause severe damage.


A troika of Amorbis attack Samus Aran.

At least a few Amorbis seem to draw energy from dark spheres upon Dark Aether, and can and will latch onto this sphere in times of need. While attached, the Amorbis will go through a sudden metamorphosis, growing a "crown" that somehow allows them to spit a thick sludge. Amazingly, this sludge is so thick that conventional weaponry does not seem to phase it at all; with that being stated, however, it is still affected by gravity, and oozes off of objects after only a short time. These crowns are like the rest of their carapace, however, and are fragile to both concussive blasts from weaponry such as missiles as well as concentrated light energy, only more so than the rest of their form due to the thinner areas. Due to the power obtained from these objects, it would seem unlikely that they would ever stray from them for too long.

More often than not, Amorbis form troikas, which makes the beasts even deadlier. While this might be due to a social culture for their species, it is most likely thanks to the increased strength of their attacks when multiple Amorbis attack. When more than one of them are attached to a single sphere at a time, they become almost as one organism, and gain the deadly ability to generate immense orbs of shadow energy between their crowns. To do this, they will arc their bodies backwards to reach one another to charge the energy before directing it forward in the form of a devastating laser.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)


  • In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Amorbis were the fifth boss(es), and guarded the Dark Suit, which lay inside of their sphere.