Amoeba(Endless Space)
General Information
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Amoeba are one of the playable factions in Endless Space. Among the oldest of the currently active races in the galaxy, the Amoeba seek to be in harmony and peace with all others. Were it not for the martial connotation of the term, they could be described as the galaxy's "old guard."

Characteristics Edit

Indirect descendants of a group of Concrete Endless, the Amoeba devolved to primitive protoplasmic lifeforms and lost all their prior knowledge, before re-evolving into a unique species with a special relationship to Dust. Blessed--or cursed--with the ability to detach their consciousness from their physical form and create group gestalts, the Amoeba developed a strong ecological mind-set, always striving for harmony and balance. Their goal is to travel, meet, and learn, though their relatively defenseless natural form has bred into them the need to master their physical environment.

History Edit

In a very loose manner of speaking, the Amoeba are the indirect descendents of a group of Concrete Endless at the end of the Dust Wars. Seeking to completely break from their tragic history, they came to Birblasa, a swamp world. There, they "devolved" themselves to a certain extent and lost all of their prior knowledge, permanently transformed into protoplasmic life forms.

As time passed, however, these "proto-Amoeba" proceeded to re-evolve. Their new home planet lacked a molten core, making it devoid of plate tectonics. Partially due to this, the Amoeba evolved at a slow pace. In addition, tool use was difficult due to their protoplasmic bodies, but the widespread presence of Dust on the planet and the species's natural affinity with the substance helped to offset these difficulties.

Along the way, the Amoeba evolved to have the ability to detach their consciousness from their bodies. This would later have large implications for their shipbuilding.

Culture Edit

The Amoeba work hard to be in balance and in harmony with everything, whether the topic is the environment or foreign relations. They prefer peace and mutual understanding over war and animosity. Even if another society is aggressive towards them, the Amoeba will do what they can to avoid "diplomacy by other means."

Their form of government is currently unknown, but the members of their society appear to pursue philosophy and exploring. Their leader is actually several Amoeba merged together.

Ironically, though, the Amoeba's physical vulnerability has also instilled them with a desire to control their environment.

Make no mistake, though. Should the need arise, they can take up arms and conduct "diplomacy by other means."

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