The Amebid (Balenus jelafus) is one of the most versatile animal species native to Sakaar. The amebids were once sea-dwelling creatures. But without any natural defense mechanisms they were easy prey for the carnivorous aquatic beasts that inhabited Sakaar's oceans and seas. Over the millenia the amebids adapted and developed the ability to inflate their bodies with the noxious gases they excreted, becoming balloon-like flyers who thrived in Sakaar's lower atmosphere.

The prolific amebids now inhabit nearly every known region of Sakaar, the deserts to the urban jungles. Drifting slowly through the skies, the amebids change direction by subtly shifting the weight of six prehensile tentacles that hang from their bodies. These tentacles are also used to collect airborne microscopic organisms, which the amebids filter through the rows of tiny baleen-like, keratinized structures that adorn the opening to their oral cavity. Most recently, the empire has begun using amebids in its war against the fillians, strapping the unwitting animals with explosives and directing them towards fillian encampments on suicide missions.

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