Universe Futurama Universe
Homeworld Amazonia
Average Height ~20ft. tall (Presumed)
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

The Amazonians are massive women who hate all men. They don't seem to speak well.

Culture Edit

If a man should dare to step foot on their planet they will have to be punished. They have their own woman's basketball team and although they can't dunk, believe it is good because of fundamentals and because it's fun. The planet they are on rarely receives men, but when it does, the Amazonians have sex with them literally to death by cause of crushed pelvis and this is considered a punishment for the men. They call the act Snu Snu or Snoo Snoo.

The Femputer Edit

They are ruled by a giant Femputer. The Femputer turns out to be a Fembot pretending to be a Femputer.
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