Alien Species

The Amanin (singular, Amani) are a species of tall sapient beings native to the forests of the planet Maridun.


Amanin have a long neck and extremely long arms, hands and fingers, but very short legs and big feet. They are partially arboreal, and usually make their houses in trees. Amanin walk slowly in bipedal posture, but are able to roll themselves into a ball, achieving high speeds. This technique of locomotion, however, has a disadvantage: the Amanin can't properly see where they're going.

Amanin have small eyes, but good eyesight, and a great sense of smell. They are carnivorous and have a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Their central nervous system is actually spread throughout their body, meaning they are able to regenerate any body part and possibly reproduce by fragmentation.

Amanin usually live in humid environments, for their skin is susceptible to dehydration. Healthy Amanin secrete a slime that keeps the skin moist. The slime is also poisonous.


Amanin live in tribal groups in the forests of their homeworld. They have primitive technology and live primarily by hunting.