Alien Species

The Amajiorans are a technologically advanced race of humanoids native to the distant planet of Amajior.



Amajiorans are very similar to humans in appearance with small notable differences such as ornate horn-like features, pointy ears, and black sclera.


Amajiorans are a proud race, boasting their technological might and looking down at others with disdain and contempt. Marriages are often arranged between families as parents seek to increase their respective groups wealth and social standings. Marriages don't consider species differences as powerful human corporations successors are often married off to an Amajioran nobles. Their technology has help them become a dominant player in the galaxy. To learn languages, all they need is a special headwear device which allows them to understand and speak any languages. Vildra Industries developed interplanetary travel tech and owns 70% of the starship manufacturing market across the known galaxy.