Alien Species

Alzarians are a species of green-skinned reptilianoid humanoids indigenous to the planet Alzar.

Notable members[]

  • King Gokus
  • Prince Plooz
  • General Sludd


The planet of Alzar was once ruled by King Gokus, the father of Prince Plooz. His general, Sludd, attempted to usurp the throne and tricked Plooz to run away to the rival world of Sooma. However, Plooz was rescued by C-3PO and R2-D2, although they were shot down by Sludd himself over the forested moon of Endor. Even with this setback, the droidic duo still successfully brought Plooz home, thwarting Sludd's plans.

Ten months after the Battle of Endor, many Alzarians were slaughtered in the Stenax Massacres, when the Stenax utilized stolen Imperial weaponry to invade their planet.