Alien Species

The Alvarians are a sapient alien species from Alvar 9 in the Harikon Galaxy.


The Alvarians are pink furred humanoids. They have impressive sonic abilities, which inc combination with special tuning forks in conjuction with their voices can kill organic brains.

Culture and society[]

Alvarians are a peaceful race, where weapons are unacceptable in their culture.

Their species are specialized in using harmonics. Their ships interior are air tubes that direct sound and used as transportation. When their ships make physical contact with another vessel, they use their vessel as a medium to shatter the latter.


The Breegs annexed the Alvarians planet as a staging ground to attack other worlds, and the former not wishing to appear as aggressors requested aid. Nomad Force was sent to supplement the native resistance

During the Harkilon's civil war an Alvarian ship was among a fleet of refugees trying to escape into Galarcy space. The Alvarian ship was later conscripted by Nomad Force to fight the pursuing Harlikon forces.


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