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Alreani States is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

In a distant past they all shared the same bad fortune, for they all existed in the same system and were forced to find a better solution to their vital problem. And their vital problem was the system itself. At first, the system Quintessence gave them the opportunity to spend their life in prosperity and satisfaction. At that time there lived seven different tribes: Anspods, Lytys, Rianons, Esztans, Attiixs, Nuniars and Iralls. Although they were different by appearance and skills, they had lots of similarities. One of the main reasons for that was the fact that they were all children of the same ancestors. According to the legend, their ancestors came to the system by accident. They left in a hurry from system Yeast because they were suffering great defeats from an unknown species that somehow knew their every move. One of the ancestors described them as giant monsters with lots of hands and no face. As they had no options, the ancestors came to the uninhabited planet and hid themselves in a forest that was protected by an unusually thick mist. They stayed there for several years until they were sure that the coast was clear. When they were leaving the boundary-line of the forest they experienced strange changes in their bodies. Their physical forms started to change and each of them looked totally different, like they were all members of a variety of races. Although they all had same physical structure before, they all had only one rarity: they had diversity of brain structure and lots of cells that were unexplored until now. As their brains started to change its form, it somehow reflected on te entire body.

They had discovered its influence on the entire body system and that they were capable to modify every single organ and the smallest pore of their skin. In the same time they were surprised and reconciled themselves to that change. This system gave them the opportunity for a fresh start and so they gave it the name Quintessence in order to never forget what happened. Instead of just staying there until hostile creatures would come searching for them, they stayed there permanently. Now, their descendants were facing other crucial and unavoidable problems. They were all fighting against each other mainly because of the resources and domination over system Quintessence. Usually few of them would unite against other coalitions and it was just a short term agreement until new conflicts arose from their differences. This was the age of meaningless argues and disputes and it was abruptly interrupted by a robust attack of an unknown species. According to the description, those were the same ones that had been attacking their ancestors. They were forced to respond quickly and unite or they would be destroyed once and for all. So the leader of Lytys persuaded the others to form an alliance by which they would be able to fight against the species that was operating as one. Agreeing to the suggested solution, they founded a confederation of state- cities. They were ruled separately by their own rulers and all were equal in making decisions about mutual interests in economy and military issues. The united states were named the Alreani States in the year II.00.V. Alreani was a combination of their original names for the states. All leaders of every state were members of their unique government. They were ambassadors of the High Council and, as they represented their state, they simultaneously represented the alliance itself.

Finally acting together as one, the Alreanis were gathering an enormous army of well skilled troops that were able to combine a variety of weapons that were being built by more than a few states. As Esztans and Nuniars were the best in the development of powerful weapons, Rianons and Iralls were experts in creating the best battleships with high quality shields and with the best performance of navigation system. Anspods, Attiixs and Lytys were the best in creating strategically important lines. They called it triangle hell because they couldnt disengage themselves when they were stuck in the centre of open fire.

First they suffered great casualties but with time they managed to drive away the species that they called the Collective. They didnt know much about them except the fact they were all acting as one and that they werent a peaceful species. As they disappeared without any reason, the Alreanis were pleased to be at peace after the long struggles. But even then when they needed peace, they were at war. As Esztans and Nuniars didnt want to reveal their studies about the new so called horn weapon to the others, the others interpreted that as disrespect towards the agreement. And another issue was creating problems: they were fighting over who would be in charge of the military government in the future. Although they all participated in that they believed that there should be one Chief Commander who would give orders for military operations. As they couldnt resolve this, dissatisfaction was rising from all directions and the Alreani States were on the verge of interallied wars. Although the existence of the Alreani States was unquestionable, a new kind of agreed pacts were inside its government. There were three coalitions who were arguing about the authority over the others and they all pointed that they should have priority over the others. One of the coalitions, called Esz-Nun, hired some mercenaries to eliminate the leaders of the other two coalitions Rian-Ira and Ans-Atti-Ly. After the eliminations they just chose other ones to continue with their work so the coalition Esz-Nun hired pirates to distract them constantly.

Their conflicts would settle down only if they were all attacked by some other species, in this case members of the Draglon Dominion. As they had very few resource rich environments, they urgently needed a variety of resources and couldnt risk the possibility to not get it. And because of the conflicts in the Alreani States their defense power was low and therefore they were very vulnerable. So they lost several crucial positions in the system and had to focus more on intergalactic relations than their own. Therefore they were regrouping their military forces and were forced to act as a community and not strangers. In the year II.00.XXX, they signed a contemporary pact in which it was underlined that they had to forget all misunderstandings and should primarily think about the safety of their future, not just to guard and protect their minor interest. And years passed while they gathered strength and were able to not just to defend but also to attack. They had restored those lost positions and the Draglon Dominion declared them war. This war was known as “War of Survivors because both sides didnt have anything to loose except their pride.