Alpha Centauran
General Information
Homeworld Unknown world in the Alpha Centauri system
Habitat Unspecified
Height Slightly taller than the average Human
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who Universe

The Alpha Centaurans are a sapient spacefaring species of hermaphrodite hexapods native to the Alpha Centauri System, the closest neighbor of the Sol System in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is known as Mutter's Spiral by the Alpha Centaurans, as well as the Time Lords.

Alpha Centaurans are well known for being peaceful, nervous and hypochondriac. As of the 39th century, they are one of the most important members of the Galactic Federation.

Biology and societyEdit

Alpha Centaurans are sapient beings with a most peculiar appearance. Slightly taller than the average Human, they are light green in color and have six limbs, all of which are used for manipulation and none for locomotion. Thus, despite standing upright, they cannot be considered bipeds since they have no legs, only arms. Judging by their way of locomotion, however, which more closely resembles walking than crawling, it is possible that the bottom of their bodies consists of short, barely visible prolegs.

The Alpha Centaurans' three pairs of arms are relatively short and flexible. All six arms protrude from their upper chest, and all end in hands similar to a crab's chelae, but with a softer appearance. The limbs are of a darker green shade than the rest of the body.

The bodies of this species appear soft and mollusk-like, and they have no visible neck. The head is large and oval-shaped, and has no visible features other than a big single eye located on the center of the face. Eyelids are present and they are known to wink, just like Humans do. They can speak Human languages perfectly well despite the lack of a visible mouth, though they do speak in a distinctly high-pitched voice. Their wardrobe appears to solely consist of a cape. They also have a vulnerable spot on the side of their heads; a blow there might temporarily incapacitate them.

In spite of being usually green, they do have the ability to change colors in order to communicate different emotional states: red, pink or black shows anger; purple denotes sadness and yellow denotes fear or nervousness.

Alpha Centaurans are hermaphrodites and at least some individuals don't appear to comprehend the importance of females for dioecious species. Thus, they may show misogynist tendencies. Every few years, Alpha Centaurans feel a biological urgency to create an offspring, and will do it if conditions are adequate.

This race is well known for its peaceful attitudes and its often overcautious reactions, as well as hypochondriac tendencies. Alpha Centaurans never drink alcohol, as they see no appeal in it, and enjoy playing table tennis. The Alpha Centauran Table Tennis Club is mentioned in one episode.


It is believed that during the 2050s, the Alpha Centaurans were one of the many races invaded and attacked by the Anubians. How exactly this conflict played out and ended is still unclear. Much later on, they would build a stable relationship with Humans, their closest galactic neighbors, during the Earth Empire. When the empire fell and was replaced by the Galactic Federation, Alpha Centauri was one of the member systems. An Alpha Centauran ambassador, referred to simply as Alpha Centauri, was a good friend of the Time Lord known as the Doctor and helped him during the incidents on planet Peladon which happened in the late 39th and early 40th centuries.

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