The Almighty Tallests are the leaders (though the current Tallests, Red and Purpule act more like figure heads) of the Irken Empire.

Almighty Tallest
Universe Invader Zim Universe
Homeworld Irk
Average Height 1.90-2.10 meters
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Original Irken

As the name suggests, he or she is the tallest known Irken alive and has absolute power.
The Irken Empire has a hierarchical class structure, where shorter individuals are both figuratively and literally looked down upon.

Origins Edit

The tallest Irken born in a specific generation takes command of the Empire. However, in the event that two Irkens are the same height, they will rule simultaneously.

Physiology and Biology Edit


A male Almighty Tallest

Trial Miyuki

A female Almighty Tallest

The Almighty Tallest is little more than a figurehead introduced to give the Irken populace something to identify with (and idolize) in the society. One should address the Tallest respectfully as "My Tallest".
Presently, the two current Tallest, Red and Purple, travel around to observe and supervise Operation Impending Doom II in The Massive, the largest and most powerful ship in the Irken Armada. While they are interested in expanding the Irken empire, they mostly just spend their time lounging around. They also only have two fingers unlike the lower-class Irken, who have three. It's possible that the thumbs of the Tallest/s are removed in an a ritual upon receiving the rank Tallest.

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