Allo is leader of the Dinosaucers on Earth in the 1987 animated TV series 'Dinosaucers'. He's from the planet Reptilon which is in counter Earth orbit.

Biology Edit

As no name is given for his species beyond Reptilonian (which is used for all species on Reptilon as they are all re-productively compatible with one another) details regarding his biology are included here. As demonstrated from dino-volving technology he's an evolved Allosaurus who due to the re-productive compatibility of Reptilonians has flat teeth as opposed to his ancestors sharp teeth.

Biography Edit

Allo was born on the planet Reptilon as where the other Dinosaucers. When he was older he married Vera, and together they had a single daughter- Alloette. Their household is well off enough to afford a full time maid. At some point he served Genghis Rex, and the Genghis Rex felt highly of Allo. However when Genghis Rex announced plans to invade Reptilon's nearest inhabitable neighbor- Earth. Allo broke his allegiance, as did others- and with secret support from the Dinosorcer and Dinosorceress of his homeland launched an expedition to Earth. Accompanying him where others who disagreed with invasion and believed in establishing a relationship of trade and eventually an immigration treaty. The first natives he and his group encounter are a group of Human teenagers who where mountain biking near the landing zone. It was his idea to enlist their aid in looking out for signs of the coming invasion while learning about Earth and it's people to plan further how to achieve a relationship of mutual exchange.

When the Tyranos arrive Allo organizes counter colonial efforts while keeping hidden until some feline pirates decide to raid the Earth- revealing to the Human public the presence of extraterrestrial life Allo agrees to a truce with Genghis Rex and together the Dinosaucers and Tyranos repel the pirates. In response Genghis Rex is formally thanked on behalf of the people of Earth, and promised shipments of cat nip so his world may also benefit from it's power over the felines. After this colonial efforts are put on hold (briefly announced as ended) but Allo and his group have remained on Earth to disuade the Genghis Rex from attempting an invasion after the progress made towards what the Dinosaucers desired- a peaceful relationship of exchange rather then a violent one of submission.

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