The All of Us are a sapient insectoid race from the planet C-Mita-C-Rho, which waged a devastating war against the advanced civilization known as the People. After losing the war, they ended up being assimilated.

The name "All of Us" has been noted as being merely a rough translation of the name they used for themselves. To the People, they were more commonly known as "Insects". Their government was known as the Great Hive Mind.


The All of Us are hive-minded insectoids, and their bodies are protected by a carapace. In terms of reproduction, they're typical r-strategists: producing a large number of children to ensure a better chance that some will survive.

Culture and societyEdit

The mentality of the All of Us priorizes large numbers. This seems to be linked to their afore-mentioned reproductive strategy. They're aggressively expansionist, and prefer to seed numerous colonies rather than focusing on expanding the ones they already have. As a result, their civilization is scattered throughout hundreds of conquered planets, each sparsely populated.

Their military tactics likewise consist of sending what has been described as "a million expendable ships instead of one unconquerable one". The way their civilization operates has provided some tactical advantages during the war, such as the ability to evacuate quickly and create dozens of new bases when one was destroyed.

Prior to the war with the People, the All of Us were basically a xenophobic race of religious fanatics. They were also overconfident in their superiority, which led them to attack the vastly more advanced civilization of the People in first place. After being assimilated by the People, they underwent a theological transformation and embraced the concepts of racial pluralism and humility.


The war between the All of Us and the People happened at some point prior to 2594 and resulted in over 26 billion casualties and the destruction of fifteen planets, three rings and fifteen asteroid habitats.


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