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Homeworld: Altair

Known Empresses/Emperors: Skylord, Sharpclaw, Redwing, Farseer, Highsoar, Ariel, Tavua Preet, Voreet Zry, Heggira, Saguaro Ty, Tak Tochno, Peerik Kree, Karaaw Hirik

Racial Tendencies: Honorable Militarists

Tech Specialties: Poor Force Fields, Excellent Propulsion

These avian soldiers excelled in space combat. Their ships were usually small and maneuverable, and were quite difficult to hit due to their pilots' amazing skills in 3D motion and natural flight instincts. Alkari warships usually attacked first in battle. Propulsion tech was their specialty, but advances in force field knowledge were usually slow in coming. The Alkari were best described as honorable, somewhat aggressive, and always ready for a fight. They trusted the Humans, but did not like the Klackons, Darloks, and Sakkra, and they disliked the Mrrshan.

The Alkari slowly changed over the centuries into a reptilian race, probably due to Orion interference in their development. These same Orions ruled the Alkari homeworld as a colony for awhile, and when they disappeared they left behind ancient artifacts which aided the Alkari in their research. The Alkari were ruled by a Dictatorship. They still possessed the best flying and piloting skills in the galaxy. They were relatively peaceful, but they were also highly honorable soldiers that did not back down from a fight. The enemies of the Alkari were the Darloks and Mrrshan, and, to a lesser extent, the Klackons. They respected the reptilian Sakkra (probably due to the Alkari reptilian changes), and were quite friendly to the Elerians and Trilarians.