In the Metroid Universe, the Alimbic Cluster is a planetary system in the Tetra Galaxy far beyond the territory of the Galactic Federation. The ancient Alimbic species once occupied and ruled this region of space until one day, a meteorite carrying the creature named Gorea crashed onto one of the planets. The Alimbics stated that he emerged in vapor form, and quickly copied the race and their technology, and immediately started to rampage and destroy them. Any weapon they used against him was absorbed and turned back on them. Eventually, the Alimbics used the power of eight artifacts called Octoliths to open a trans-dimensional rift in space time, and sealed him in a prison vessel called the Oubliette. After this the race no longer had the stability to support themselves, and died out.

Thousands of years later, the Federation received a telepathic message stating: "The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster." They immediately sent the bounty hunter Samus Aran to investigate, telling her to secure this "Ultimate Power" and if it could not be recovered, to destroy it at all costs. However, several other hunters intercepted this message as well, and followed her to it. While fending off the other hunters, Samus managed to secure the eight Octoliths and reopen the portal. She then entered the Oubliette and confronted Gorea in a long, heated battle where, by using the Omega Cannon {The Ultimate Power spoken of in the message} Samus managed to destroy Gorea and return to Federation space. The whereabouts of the Omega Cannon after the battle was not stated in the game, but was presumably returned with her.

Locations in the Alimbic ClusterEdit


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)