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The Alimbics were a race of beings in the game Metroid Prime Hunters. Most of the information on the Alimbics is gleaned from lore scans in Metroid Prime Hunters, as the species no longer exists in physical form.

The Alimbic had lived in the Alimbic Cluster of the Tetra Galaxy for a considerable length of time, probably having originated there; all that is known about their early years is that they underwent a "harsh genesis". They were a peaceful race, but that behavior changed when they were attacked by an unspecified enemy- the attack caught them off-guard, and the Alimbic leadership swore they would never allow such a tragedy to happen again: they rapidly advanced their species' weapons technology, focusing specifically on Bioweapons and creating powerful weapons such as the Slench and Cretaphid.

Enjoying a newly earned peace, the Alimbics remained ready for future invasions and improved their already powerful minds, making phenomenal advances in fields such as telepathy, telekinesis, and extradimensional exploration.

"The peace of ancient ALIMBIC tribal culture was shattered by a deadly extraterrestrial invasion. The survivors vowed never again to be caught unprepared." -History 03 lore entry

"We focused our resources on military science and quickly developed weapons and defenses that surpassed the technology of our enemies." -History 04 lore entry

"For generations our superior military capability deterred all enemies. A renewed sense of peace allowed us to return to our natural philosophical pursuits." -History 09 lore entry

"Through science and technology we increased our already formidable mental skills. Significant advances were made in the areas of TELEPATHY, TELEKINESIS, and EXTRADIMENSIONAL EXPLORATION." -History 10 lore entry

"We continued research to improve our defense systems. Eventually we became so proficient in the art of war that we believed ourselves invincible." -Alimbic Pride 01 lore entry

"Our pride was a veil over our eyes. We did not see the danger until it was upon us." -Alimbic Pride 02 lore entry

Alimbic Technology[]

The Alimbics were both a war-like and a peaceful civilization, depending on the violence of the universe around them. When there was violence, the Alimbics would build up their war technology until it surpassed their enemies. In peace, the Alimbics would enhance their mental talents and became highly prosperous.

Their society revered knowledge and science in all its forms, constructing the massive Celestial archives over their capitol to hold the sum total of their records. However, their culture also suffered from a considerable amount of hubris, to the point of considering themselves invincible.

"Each of these ornate crests celebrates the accomplishments of a major ALIMBIC tribe." -Alimbic Crest object scan

"This emblem commemorates fallen ALIMBIC heroes." -Alimbic Emblem object scan

"A large ceremonial emblem of the ALIMBIC ORDER, celebrating their victories and leadership. Solar-cycle counter dates its creation after ALINOS first came under attack." -Alimbic Insignia object scan

"Alpha waves emanate from this architectural structure. It appears designed to calm the senses and to create an environment ideal for meditation." -Alimbic Panel object scan

"ALIMBIC ornaments designed to enhance harmony." -Ceremonial Charms object scan

Alimbic War[]

Formed by the Alimbic general and war hero Almiiak, this group of eight elders was created to stop Gorea from destroying the entirety of the Alimbic civilization. Their final and most significant plan involved the security and mechanics revolving around the Seal Sphere. They decided to trap Gorea in the Seal Sphere, as no weapon could defeat the creature. The elders designed the Octolith keys that not only provide power to the Alimbic Cannon, but also contain a spirit of an elder. The elders placed two of the eight Octoliths in each of their four most defended territories. Each Octolith is guarded by either a Cretaphid or Slench, as well as a large arsenal of the Alimbics' other biomechanical creatures such as Psycho Bits, Voldrums and Guardians.

"There were EIGHT ELDERS in the ALIMBIC ORDER." -Alimbic Order 01 lore entry

"You will not find all EIGHT of the OCTOLITHS. They have been scattered, hidden in FOUR of our most heavily defended territories." -Alimbic Order 02 lore entry

"There are never more than TWO OCTOLITHS hidden on any planet or space station." -Alimbic Order 03 lore entry

"Within each OCTOLITH is a spirit, the transferred ESSENCE of an ALIMBIC ELDER." -Alimbic Order 04 lore entry

"Reunite all EIGHT OCTOLITHS in the CANNON CONTROL ROOM to open the doorway to GOREA." -Alimbic Order 05 lore entry

Important Alimbic Characters[]

General Almiiak—A fierce Alimbic general who founded the Alimbic Order of Elders and lead the Alimbic people to victory in the Tetra Border Wars two thousand years ago. It is suggested that his essence may be one of the ones that were transferred within the Octolith keys.

Arctherus—Like Almiiak, Arctherus is also buried in a tomb at the High Ground area of the planet Alinos. He has received credit as the Alimbic who discovered neurogenesis which lead the Alimbics into a modern era, a time where peace and prosperity came to the race.