General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Height 3-4 feet (Grey)

8-9 feet (Red)

Skin Colors Grey


Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Hostile
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Hum Universe

The Aliens present within The Hum Universe are a type of invading race to Earth. They are the main antagonistic force of both The Hum: Alien Invasion, and the VR prequal game The Hum: Abductions.

Appearance Edit

Grey Aliens Edit

The Hum Grey Aliens

As the name suggests, this alien holds a mirror look to the commonly depicted Grey aliens: they are fairly small compared to standard humans with greyish skin, and large round heads and huge round eyes. Their arms and legs are very thin and bony, ending in Human like hands, and they don't appear to wear any form of clothing.

"Red" Aliens Edit

The Hum Red Aliens

A secondary form of alien has been prominently featured alongside the Grey Aliens. This variant appears relatively similar but as the name suggests, they are red in their skin color. They are also drastically taller than average Greys, towering over most humans and easily able to lift one off the ground despite their gangly appearance.

These Aliens also have a bioluminescent rea around their upper torso, which can glows a reddish yellow coloration.

Technology Edit

The Hum Concept

The Aliens are shown as superior in terms of technology, able to use teleportation and many concepts show a specialized, almost bio-mechanical spacecraft often accompanying the Aliens. These constructs can stay suspended in the air, and are shown to use a form of laser. It also has grappling tentacles around its body to grapple onto other objects.

It is also shown during The Hum: Abductions that they're able to use a form of levitation, though it's unclear if this is from their spaceship or from the aliens themselves.

History Edit

According to the Story introduction trailer for The Hum, Alien Invasion, it took the aliens only a week to fully take over. The first few days only had everyone hearing the hum coming from their spaceships, and then they "took everything". As described, there was no conflict involved in their take over, as humans were so inferior to them that a war, and not even a drop of blood was made during this process.

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