The Monsters as they're commonly referred to as extraterrestrial creatures of unknown origin that appear in both the 2010 film Monsters, and the 2014 sequel film Monsters: Dark Continent. Numerous more subspecies appear in the latter film than the former film due to the Monsters' adaptability in arid climates.

Description Edit

The Monsters come in numerous subspecies and types, but many of them share a similar kind of detail to their anatomy. Many of the Monsters are cephalopod-like in structure, with each type having some form of tentacles somewhere on their bodies. Many of these forms can grow to various sizes depending on the environment they're found in.

All of these aliens as well reproduce the same way: they all start in the form of reproductive, bioluminescent spores that resemble Earth jellyfish in appearance.

History Edit

All of these creatures originated from Europa - one of the four moons orbiting Jupiter within earth's solar system. A NASA space probe made a discovery of life on the moon, and became covered in the creature's reproductive spores by accident. The space probe made a crash landing along the Mexico-United States border, a substantial population growing and reproducing within months of their arrival. with the Monsters spreading along the northern Mexican countryside and thriving in its arid environment. Humans became highly aggressive against these creatures, and forcefully try to contain the monsters within quarantine zones to keep the public safe.

the population of these Monsters became a worldwide issue sixteen years after initial arrival, with a population explosion occurring within the Middle East. It is notable that Aliens within the middle east and much larger and more complex than those found in North America.

Subspecies Edit

Octopus Monster (Mexico) Edit

Monsters 2010 luminescent aliens

Height: 50 ft

Weight: 40 tons

The Octopus Monster is one of the first of the aliens to start appearing on Planet Earth over within the North American quarantine zone. These aliens have four, insectoid legs and a generous amount of tentacles they use to interact with the world around them. This kind is the least alien-looking one, mostly resembling an octopus. These are nocturnal creatures, and are able to communicate with eachother in the form of mournful groans and self-pulsating lights.

These creatures don't typically attack Humans, but are able to wipe out a population of humans if provoked into doing so.

Horse Monster Edit

Horse Monster
Length: 20 ft

Weight: 1,200 Ibs

The Horse Monster is one of the smaller lifeforms found in Earth's arid landscapes within the Middle East. As the name implies, their anatomy mirrors that of earth horses, but with numerous tentacles still evident on their bodies. They can be seen roaming in herds, and can gallop at high speeds on their three pairs of legs.

This kind of Monster doesn't show any harmful acts towards humanity whatsoever, behaving much like herd mammals.

Octopus Monster (Middle East) Edit

Octopus monster
Height: 148 ft

Weight: 1,200 tons

This variant is the "Middle Eastern" version of the Octopus Monsters from the North American quarantine zone. Due to the more open spaces and large arid environments, these aliens are much larger than those found in mexico. They've been observed in large bands of several individuals all traveling together.

Goliath Monster Edit

Monsters dark continent behemoth
Height: 230 ft

Weight: 4,200 tons

Goliath Monsters are similar to the Octopus Monsters, but possess a long cluster stalk resembling a neck, with numerous other tentacles growing out of it. Any Octopus Monster can turn into a Goliath Monster given time to grow. These forms seem to possess light-pulsating organs like the North American Monsters.

Unclassified Monster Edit

Enormous monster 2014 01
This monster is the largest of the Alien lifeforms now residing on Earth, the size of entire mountains. Very little is known of these creatures.
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