Numerous unnamed lifeforms are known to inhabit the planet Ygam.

Trapper Edit

Fantastic Planet Alien 4

This Alien has a stout body, with what appears to be a set of sideways-facing antennae. It has a human-like face, bird-like legs, and an elongated appendage with smaller digits on the end that resembles branches.

Curiously, when a smaller animal lands on its long appendage, it will capture the animal and violently throw it on the ground, killing it in most cases. This odd behavior is seemingly not for survival, and almost seems to be for personal pleasure.

Towering Alien Edit

Fantastic Planet Alien 3

This strange creature is quadrupedal in nature, with several eyes located at the top of the body: a ring of eyes surrounding a larger stalk on the body for one singular eye. A larger part of the body appears to drag along the ground. Their eyes appear incapable of moving and strictly look upward.

Very little, if anything, is known about this creature in terms of diet, behavior, or otherwise.

Foaming Aliens Edit

Fantastic Planet Alien 2

These small animals are smaller than normal Human Beings, vaguely the size of a cat. They appear slug-like in locomotion with a round body. Their eyes are small and forward-facing, and very small hairs sprouting from their backs.

A foam-like substance has been observed constantly flowing from the front of their bodies, which they are capable of manipulating on their own will and forming cloth from it, vaguely similar to sewing. The Oms on Ygam seemingly use these animals in order to make their clothing.

"Draagon" Edit

Fantastic Planet Alien 1

This Dragon-like creature is a large predatory creature to human beings on Ygam. They are quadrupedal animals with large skin-covered wings attached to their head, capable of flight. Their jaws appear to not have any proper jaw bones as there is in Earth animals, the skull structure circular around the mouth like a tube. They also have large tongues, which they use to consume prey in similar manor to an Anteater.

Prior to recent events, the Draagon is a constant hunter of humans, but some tribes are capable of hunting down these large creatures.

Grub-like Creature Edit

Fantastic Planet Alien 5

This large stocky creature is seemingly a carnivorous creature. They have grub-like segmented bodies with a pair of stocky short legs. Their heads hold physical similarities of both a human (the ears and eyes) and a bird (the large beak-like mouth). They have three sets of nostrils along the beak, and strangely a black mark along their heads that resembles a shaved hairstyle.

While seemingly not predatory, they are willing to eat infantile creatures if it so happens to come across one.

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