Alien ticks are secondary antagonists in the film Code Red: The Rubecon Conspiracy.

Appearance and abilitiesEdit

The aliens resemble earth Ticks and the size of a full grown chimp. They have thick, brown shells that are resistant to most gunfire save high caliber rounds. They can move quickly on their insectoid limbs and have two long feelers that they use to ensnare prey and help them climb and maneuver in the trees. They feed on the flesh, fluids and internal organs of other life forms. Once they capture their prey they will bite the victim and drain the victim until all that remains is a desiccated husk.


These creatures were sent to earth by the Alien Travelers who intercepted early transmissions by scientists into space. Hopeful to make peaceful contact with humanity the Travelers sent a probe containing a clutch of Tick eggs - in order to ascertain that the planet was safe to explore by sending a lesser life form from their own world to see if the Earth was compatible with their biology.

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