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this alien penguin is unique and similar to the ones you have seen in your PDA back at Alterra corp.. this penguin looks like it can be friendly, but it isn't. this penguin can open it's sides from the tip of it to the stomach making a clear way for it to do damage.

- reminder, these penguins look deceiving, when the really are.

theories that are not hypothesized to yet be made clear.

  1. they have a similar look to the ones on earth
  2. they have a 2 tongues
  3. they have very sharp and big teeth ( the size teeth of a Great White shark)
  4. the have no digestive system (except for the stomach which has this rare organ that takes the waste from the stomach and then turns it into energy for it to move)
  5. they have colorful designs on the side of their bodies so maybe they use this to their advantage when trying to find prey to eat
  6. they only go after prey that is bigger then them
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