The Alien Jackals are a species of canine-like predator native to the planet only known as Not Furya.


Not much is known about their biology but they seem to be marginally predatory and at the very least scavengers, they seem to be largely carnivorous but at least partially omnivorous, they can eat similar foods to humans (and thus Furyans) such as pistachios. It is shown that they have red blood, and at least one known member of this species had heterochromia.


The behavior of these animals is aggressive, but they have many dog like qualities and mannerisms. They hunt in groups, and seem to raise their young and develop attachments. Their natural range seems to be the more desolate and barren regions of the planet.


When Riddick was stranded on Not Furya he was assaulted by a group of four of these creatures. Hiding by submerging himself in a hot spring he managed to evade the majority of the group, fighting off the last one.

As he established himself on the planet he took one of the Alien Jackals young, his full reasoning for this was not entirely known but he kept it fed and watered, and used it to gain an understanding of the Mud Demon venom.

When Riddick escaped to the grasslands of the planet he brought the pup with him who grew up over time and became Riddicks loyal companion, the two shared food and spent most of their time together. Eventually the loyal friend of Riddick would die saving Riddicks life from Santana.


  • The Jackal that Riddick took as a pup exhibits heterochromia, meaning that his eyes were different colors.
  • The Jackal's death scene in Rule the Dark is reminiscent of the original one intended for Thrash the hellhound from the previous film in the series.
  • The term Alien Jackal is taken from the official websites
  • Despite being reffered to as an "Alien Jackal", this is species bears a stronger resemblance to Earth's hyenas, particularly Striped Hyenas.

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