Unknown Species (Secret Identities)
General Information
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Secret Identities Universe

This species is a race responsible for giving Meredith Owens aka Luminary her powers.

Biology Edit

They resemble purple insect-slug creatures. Though they appear to be incorporeal they can be harmed by conventional weaponry.

History Edit

This species have been enemies of the V'Ran seeking to stop the imperialist aliens from destroying life.

A member of this species infected Meredith Owens giving her cosmic powers making her into the superhero Luminary.

When the second V'Ran invasion occurred Luminary received a vision from the aliens who explained that they turned her to become a carrier of a energy-disease that would be a tool against the V'Ran. She evolved into a new form, a celestial humanoid that easily wiped out the V'Ran Giants. After the invasion Luminary went out into space to seek the aliens for answers on her powers leaving Recluse in charge of Frontline.

Sources Edit

  • Secret Identities 005 (2015)
  • Secret Identities 007 (2015)
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