Alien Species

The Aliens are the main antagonists of the National Geographic mockumentary When Aliens Attack, which is speculation about what would happen if aliens invaded Earth.


The Aliens are similar to Greys and have a cephalopod shape on their heads. Their faces are of a semi-elongated head with large eyes and no pupils, totally whitish, and the mouth is covered by several small tendrils.They have the stature of a Man and their skin color is red scarlet. They have four arms and 3 pointed fingers in each appendix, and one leg that ends in 3 wide toes in the front and one in that would be the heel. Their bodies appear to be gelatinous and fragile, their vision and internal structure are similar to those of the human body.


Their original culture is a mystery and has not been released or planned. But they traveled light years and saw humans as the only obstacle to their survival plans.


The Aliens used great weapons in the war / invasion. The alien cruiser has heat resistant metal spheres emitting EMP. The spacecraft also has large, mile-long stakes called 'Rods from the Gods' that are made of heavy metals and use kinetic force to cause devastating tsunamis. The ground-piloted vehicles are robotic in shape and linked by magnets, controlled by thought, they have a cargo, thrusters, scanners, impenetrable armor and a tractor-like claw. They have also modified the genes of the flu virus twice to act as a fatal bio-weapon that kills in a few days.


They may be herbivores that feed on a sticky black seaweed, which was presented as the first act of the aliens over Earth to analyze their biosphere, which in this case doesn't match with the terrestrial animals and ends up killing them.


Their home planet is unknown and abandoned. It was devastated by unknown reasons, and this forced the kind of aliens to travel light years in the galaxy in search of a new world until they found Earth, a proof of that is the care they take in combating humans and not damaging the environment.

Abilities & Technologies[]

The Aliens have proven to have a Man-like body, despite the physiological differences, they are still able to break parts of the body, hemorrhage and cardiac arrest. They were able to survive on the surface of the Earth. They were able to travel at high speeds between stars, they used plasma to move the cruiser to Earth. Its EMP is capable of sweeping the energy of an entire civilization, but isn't able to penetrate a bunker. Their armor tech is impressive and advanced, capable of withstanding shoots, radiation and nuclear explosion, but their bionic vehicles were not able to withstand the explosion of a missile and the ship's hull was not able to withstand the drilling of metal objects at high speed, which caused the verdict of the aliens. After confronting mankind face to face, they used their trick in the pockets which was bioengineering, they changed the flu virus and of another disease into bioweapons, despite humanity having found the cure for one of them, the other was unleashed and it would take a decade to find a cure, forcing humanity to counterattack more aggressively.